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June 13th, 2017 by Partners Risk Services

Does Your Business What The Best Possible Coverage?

The Top Claims For Small Businesses In a recent report by Property Casualty 360 See full Article, the top claims for small businesses were reviewed. In this report, a leading insurer of small businesses reviewed millions of policies over a five year period. We found the results interesting. Business Insurance Remember, business insurance protects your investment by minimizing financial risks associated with unexpected events such... Read Article

Umbrella Insurance From Partners Risk Services

Many businesses and people are unsure what an umbrella policy is or what it covers. Partners Risk Services is here to help. We will explain the basics of Umbrella Insurance and the benefits to you and your business. When you are outside and there is a light rain or breeze you generally don’t need or want an umbrella. However, if it is pouring down rain... Read Article

Professional Liability

  Today, almost any business can find itself facing a liability lawsuit. A Professional Liability lawsuit can put owner’s personal assets at risk including homes, cars, and other possessions. One simple mistake could cause financial devastation, as well as end your professional career. Many businesses don’t think they have an exposure to professional loss. Here are some examples of industries that need Professional Liability Insurance.... Read Article

Homeowner’s Insurance….How Does Yours Compare?

  Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums Are Increasing Nationally, homeowner’s insurance premiums are increasing. There are a number of reasons for the increases including; fewer new homes (limiting growth), recent losses from natural disasters (especially hurricanes and earthquakes), and the cost to repair or replace (more expensive materials have impacted premiums). These were identified as things that impact homeowner’s premiums the most: Construction – The type of... Read Article

How to Properly Insure Summer Interns

Many businesses are getting ready to hire summer interns. These internships can be rewarding for the college student as well as provide some help to the business.  Offering paid or non-paid internships can create risk for your business.  If the interns are receiving wages, they will be considered employees of the company, and eligible for workers’ compensation insurance coverage under your current policy.  If the... Read Article