Latest Trends In Commercial Auto Insurance


Recent studies have identified a correlation between auto accidents and increased auto premiums. While this is something that we all might have assumed, we now have definitive analysis. If you have an accident, you have a +75% chance of having an increase in your auto rates. If you have a second accident, your chance of an increased rate goes up to +93%.  Some carriers may modify these percentages depending on whether the accident is at-fault or no-fault.

Whether you operate one vehicle or many, a fleet safety program can help ensure compliance with safety regulations, reduce the possibility of accidents, help lower repair costs, and save money by reducing insurance premiums.

Benefits Of Driver Training Programs

  • Most insurers offer discounts for safety programs.
  • Reduces fleet management costs through lower maintenance, fuel and insurance premiums.
  • Reduced Workers’ Compensation costs.
  • Creates a positive public image.
  • Great employee satisfaction.
  • Increases business effectiveness.

Critical Factors To A Successful Driver Safety Program

A driver safety program establishes the policies and procedures that are needed to have a safe work environment for employees.

  • Management commitment is the most important factor when developing a driver safety program. Management must be willing to support and participate in the process.
  • Driver screening and background checks can be a very effective method of evaluating potential drivers.
  • The best way to evaluate drivers is through conducting written and road tests.
  • Investigate and review all accidents. This will give the firm an opportunity to educate all drivers on specific prevention techniques.
  • Have written policies, including discipline procedures, in the event of repeated offenders.

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March 6th, 2015 by Partners Risk Services