You Can Control The Cost of Life insurance

life insurance

Life Insurance

Worried about your life insurance premiums?  The good news is that life insurance rates are trending down.  And, life insurance provides protection for your family and loved ones.  In addition to lower trending premiums, we have listed five ways to lower your life insurance premiums even more.  Keep these points in mind, and as always, use caution and act prudently.

  • Consult an Insurance Advisor. To reduce your life insurance premium, the easiest thing you can do is to consult a good Insurance Advisor. Since the advisor will be a professional in the insurance marketplace, he/she will be able to get you the most affordable deal in line with your coverage requirements.
  • Shop, Compare, and Bargain! Once you have decided on your coverage, don’t just sign up for the first plan that you come upon.  As an independent agent, we can shop for you to get you the best coverage for the best cost, and it does not cost you anymore.
  • The quickest way to lower your life insurance premium is to opt for a Term Life Insurance policy instead of a whole-life policy. The idea is to keep insurance as what it is, and not turn it into an “investment product”. Thus, you can get yourself insured under a term life policy at the fraction of the cost of a whole-life scheme, with typically the same coverage amount. However, do not forget that Term Life Insurance covers you only for a pre-defined period of time.
  • Keep yourself Fit. Be a “low risk” proposition for your insurance provider, by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping yourself away from addictions such as smoking, drugs, and alcohol.
  • Insure yourself at a young age. Life insurance costs at a young age are only a fraction of what they will be when you are well into your middle-age. The premise is that young and healthy people are the lowest risk segment.

Life insurance from Partners Risk Services can help you secure your family’s financial future by providing the funds they need to: cover burial expenses, uninsured medical bills, pay off your mortgage and other outstanding debts, and maintain a comfortable standard of living.

July 9th, 2015 by Partners Risk Services