Archives: January 2016

Risk Management Downton Abbey Style

Downton Abbey Has Real Life Insurance Implications The final season of Downton Abbey started in January 2016. It has been the most successful British TV series in history, and is translated in over 250 languages. It is interesting to consider the many personal and business insurance issues faced by the fictional Grantham family as they operate their property and many businesses. We thought we might... Read Article

Protecting Your Business From The Dangers Of Winter

The winter months bring in weather systems that can lead to heavy property damage as well as a higher incidence of employee illness, power outages, and the possibility of weather-related closures. Sub-zero temperatures can lead to burst pipes and flooding and leave business owners dealing with an expensive clean-up. These dangerous conditions can also increase the risk of employees, customers, or clients slipping and falling... Read Article

Recent Legal Decisions That Will Impact Your Business In 2016

Business Insurance Update Last year we saw many legal developments that will impact businesses in 2016. These developments may create a need for a business insurance review. Business or commercial insurance covers your business for legal liability claims which cause damage or injury to third parties. If laws are created, or current laws change, it may impact your businesses’ legal liability. Here are some examples... Read Article