What to Do After the Storm?

The past few days have been tough for many people in Georgia and the east coast and other east coast states. We thought this might be a good time to point out a few things homeowners need to do to take certain precautions after the storm has passed. Damage to your home can have a dramatic emotional impact, having a plan, and being aware of certain risks, will minimize the threat of harm to you or your family.

If you did have storm damage, it is best to work directly with the insurance company adjusters. There are many third party claim repair companies that actually take a percentage of your settlement thus reducing the amount you may eligible for. It is best to use a trusted and reputable source, like your insurance company. There are some companies that may try to take advantage of people who have suffered storm damage.

  • Call your insurance company if you have any damage, the faster the claim is reported the faster payment scan start. Let them know the extent of the damages and that you have an inventory of your possessions. An insurance adjuster will come to your property, assess the damage, and determine the size of your payout.
  • Use a camera or camcorder to record thoroughly any damage done to your home before any repairs are attempted.
  • Walk around your home and inspect your roof and windows for damage.
  • Check all trees to see if they suffered any damage that could lead to them falling at a later date.
  • Avoid turning the power on at your home if there is flooding present.
  • Asses your need for flood and wind insurance, now before another storm hits.

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December 8th, 2016 by Partners Risk Services