Are Younger Workers More Accident Prone?

The National Council on Compensation Insurance Says Yes

In a recent study by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, younger workers (ages 20-35) have more injuries than older ones. Older workers (ages 45-64) experience more high cost injuries, such as injuries to joints like rotator cuffs and knees. Workers aged 20-35 more commonly experienced ankle sprains. The real factor influencing the difference in medical severities between older and younger workers was the significantly higher number, and different mix of treatments, within a diagnosis.

Prevention Tips

  • Establish comprehensive safety and health education and training programs.
  • Offer incentives for a loss free workplace.
  • Provide efficient medical attention to injured employees.
  • Maintain contact with the injured employee.
  • Provide job modifications to encourage employee’s return to work.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation is an important part of your business insurance program. It is required by state law that your business has workers’ compensation insurance.  For employees, workers’ compensation provides injured employees with medical treatment and time loss in the event of a serious injury. For employers, workers’ compensation provides employers with the security that insurance will be there to help treat and restore injured workers.

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May 18th, 2018 by Partners Risk Services