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Your Local Johns Creek Independent Insurance Agency

Partners Risk Services specializes in auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, risk management consulting, life insurance, and employee benefits.

Partners with our clients

Our mission is to be Partners with our clients. We want to be their trusted Risk Management and Insurance Consultant; not just a better vendor.

Partners with our employees

We want to recruit and retain the most highly skilled group of business Partners in our industry. Every employee is a stakeholder in the success of our firm. We will honor exceptional performance and reward those who earn it.

Partners with our service providers

We will be discerning and align with the best Service Partners in their respective industry. We will strive to continually develop mutually beneficial and long-term relationships between our clients, providers, and firm.

Partners with the communities we serve

We will encourage all of our Partners to practice servitude, leadership, and give of their time and financial resources to the communities we serve.

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Recent News & Updates

Does My Business Vehicle Need Insurance Coverage?

For motor vehicles that are used in business, it is vital to ensure you have commercial vehicle insurance coverage. Personal auto insurance policies are not designed for vehicles that are used for business activities and will refuse to pay for accidents if a vehicle was engaged in business activities. When you have commercial auto insurance, the policy can cover family members performing business duties, employees,...

Why Partnering With An Insurance Agent Helps Your Business

If you're a business owner, you're probably well aware of the importance of insurance to protect your assets, employees, and customers. However, choosing the right insurance policies and finding the best deals can be a time-consuming and complex process. That's where partnering with an insurance broker can be advantageous. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of working with an insurance agent or broker for...

What You Should Know About Boat Insurance

Boat insurance can protect your investment in a valuable watercraft. Also, many marinas require boat insurance to dock a boat at their facility. Even when boat insurance is not required by law, it is still wise to have this protection in place to protect your investment in your boat or other watercraft. Boat insurance can cover damage to your boat as well as protect you...

Why Products Liability Insurance Is Important To Manufactures

In today's consumer-driven world, manufacturers are responsible for producing products that are safe for their intended use. Unfortunately, not all products meet this standard, and some can cause harm to consumers. This is where products liability law comes in. Products liability is a legal theory that holds manufacturers, distributors, and sellers of products responsible for any harm that their product causes to a consumer. This...