Archives: February 2014

Directors & Officers Doe’s and Don’ts

Directors and officers liability insurance helps protect the assets of firm, owners, executives and managers if individuals, competitors, third parties or government regulators make claims. A lawsuit against directors and officers most commonly occurs when shareholders (private or public), clients, competitors or others feel they suffered a loss in the value of their shares because of actions that the board or senior management took or... Read Article

What to do When the EEOC Comes Calling

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was established by the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The EEOC is the enforcement agency for any issue dealing with employer/employee civil rights issues.  The EEOC is often the first place an employee turns for legal recourse. An employee takes the initial step towards bringing a discrimination lawsuit against an employer by filing a charge with... Read Article

Security Breaches Top Concern For Many Business Owners

Over the last several years, cyber liability coverage has evolved from just insurance for information technology companies to coverage that nearly every kind of business should have if they don't already. From retailers, banks, contractors, distributors, restaurants and medical offices, many businesses are unaware of the great cyber liability exposure they face. Recent state laws require companies that have experienced a cyber liability breach to... Read Article

Business Insurance Planning

It is that time of year to set goals, review your Georgia business plans and look forward to a prosperous 2014. Part of your planning should include an annual Georgia business insurance review. Your business changes, and so do your exposures. After you review some of these items, call Partners Risk Services and we will be happy to discuss these and more with you. Why... Read Article

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Get help from a local agency that will really work for you. We know workers' compensation insurance needs. This type of insurance is one of the largest expenses your business must pay, and there are various insurance markets for your specific industry. You need an agency that will do the legwork to find the policy that will be affordable and best suit your enterprise. We... Read Article