Archives: November 2015

Community Associations Insurance Mistakes

Insurance for community associations is one area that should always be taken seriously. Community Association insurance can protect the owner, board, and employees from costly claims and expenses. Here are mistakes community associations can make in their insurance program Not Having Enough Insurance.Your community association should have an umbrella policy with at least a million dollar limit. Recently, a small child drowned in an association... Read Article

Shop Until You Drop For Black Friday

On Black Friday, shoppers eagerly line up to take advantage of the deals and specials and plan to shop until they drop. The holiday season can be so fruitful that retailers should plan to take full advantage of the biggest shopping day of the year! Business owners should plan for the unexpected on Black Friday, including keeping enough stock on hand to get maximum sales.... Read Article

The New Economy Creates New Risks For Businesses

Workers’ Compensation Must Respond To The New Economy Every business has faced issues related to the new economy. The new economy involves how work gets done in today’s millennial environment. Your workers’ compensation and business insurance programs must be designed and respond to these new risks. Now would be a good time to have your business insurance program reviewed to make sure that you have... Read Article